Tour of Honor

Source: Jinhua Hecheng tools Co., LtdRelease time: 2015-04-01

Our company opened a three-day honor tour to Xiamen on March 27, 2015, which was attended by the company executives, advanced employees at the end of 2015. The tour route mainly went to Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo, and Huli Mountain Fortress.

The purpose of this activity is both a good opportunity for everyone to relax physically and mentally, and a good time to go out and learn. The important thing is to reflect the company's management commitment to advanced employees, how to integrate team spirit into the activity, and more importantly, to create an atmosphere of unity and cohesion, activity and advancement for all employees.

During the journey laughter, lively atmosphere exciting, the guide is full of emotion, the accompanying staff pour envy of the heart, we are excited, brought to the young people is a piece of joy, brought to everyone is unity, mutual assistance, cohesion, creating an atmosphere of youth, vitality.

On the evening of 29th, about 20:30 pm, all members of the tour arrived at Jinhua safely and successfully ended the tour, but during the journey, we felt a lot of feelings, imagination linked to a lot of gains.